Universal MPU Board Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board Ultimate LED/Lamp Driver Board
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Alltek Systems


Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of owning, repairing, and enjoying vintage coin-op pinball machines. We at Allteksystems are fellow pinball fans; we have our own pinball collections. We also operate vintage pinball games, which is one of the reasons we decided to redesign the original boards. We found that the original boards were just not that reliable due to their age and design limitations. We decided to design replacement boards that would enhance the reliability, provide plug and play capabilities, enhance diagnostics, and take away the question of repairing or replacing. We believe we have accomplished this by helping thousands of customers get their machines up and running and we are proud of this. We love pinball and we know that in order to keep pinball alive it's all about keeping machines running so that the next generation can enjoy the machines as we do. We enjoy the game play, the art, the themes, the electronics, and everything that is involved in pinball. We want the machines to continue running and we found it paramount to supply new reliable electronics, and design it for people that have no electronic experience.